Gothika Contact Lenses – The Premium Halloween Lens

Monster Lenses offers the best Halloween Contact Lenses anywhere! Major brands like Gothika and ColorMax made of FDA cleared materials offering the finest, most comfortable contact lenses in the costume market! Monster Lenses works direct with Gothika so you always get the latest and greatest in contact lenses.

All Gothika lenses are cleared by the FDA so you can rest assured that your lenses are of the highest quality. Thank you for putting your trust in Monster Lenses. We won’t let you down!

So Why Monster?

At our core we believe that contact lenses should be safe overall. We know lenses. We know the good brands and we know the brands that skimp to keep the prices low. Lenses need to be cleared ( for REAL ) by the FDA to be sold in the USA. And so many companies play a shell game of shuffling bad lenses into the US through Canada. They claim to have FDA clearance, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Here’s a tip

Quality lenses aren’t easy to make. And getting authentic FDA clearance isn’t cheap. Any company ( especially companies outside the US ) that sell lenses for $20 are selling faked or cheap lenses at your expense. And that’s not something you want to put in your eyes.

Monster makes sure that ALL of our halloween contact lenses are FDA cleared and made to the highest standards. We only sell premium Gothika lenses that meet the highest standards. We believe that your eyes deserve a quality product. Not smoke and mirrors.

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