Zombie Lenses by Gothika – The Perfect Finishing Touch!

No matter what type of zombie look you are going for Monster Lenses™ has you covered! Adding zombie contact lenses to your character not only helps you finish off the look but it helps you “Become the character”! From fresh zombie to full blown rotting zombie, we have the contact lenses to match perfectly! Many designs come in YOUR prescription! Look for the RX to let you know lenses are available in corrective strengths.

Adding contact lenses to your make-up brings out the realism in it. There is something about the effect of people seeing the change inside your body. Inside your eyes. Our favorite picks are the Walking Dead Partial Vision Lenses and the Zombie White Lenses. Whatever FX contact lenses you choose you can rest assured that you are buying from a trusted name and the Gothika brand which has been an industry standard for many years.