Halloween Is COMING!!!!!

Halloween Is COMING!!!!!

2019 Halloween season is upon us! It’s only the beginning of September but there is a buzz in the air. Summer is dwindling away and soon the colder weather will start to approach. One of the indicators we use is when Starbucks breaks out the pumpkin spice coffees. Something about that… I don’t know what it is. As soon as those hit everyone goes into Halloween mode.

It’s been a crazy year here at Monster gearing up for the season. Trying to make sure we have all of our stock ready to go. Testing and re-testing our shipping and support systems. We know one miss step and we are in big trouble with our customers. So we make sure we are ready and in fighting weight to meet your needs this season! We really are fanatical about customer support! What the use of having a great product if you can’t give the best customer experience as well?

So many new things in the works! For those of you that may not know, I was the CEO of LensServ Optical Inc. ( the makers of Gothika! ). In addition I created and ran the world’s first and best prescription verification system Verifymylenses.com. Recently I resigned my position at LensServ Optical and VML to focus on Monster Lenses. Just to be clear… nothing bad or anything like that. I love the guys at Gothika and still work with them on a daily basis! I really just wanted to work direct with customers again. I like to be hands on. And as Monster grows and expands I also rejoice and celebrate in the successes of Gothika and VML!

So you’re probably looking for some tips and tricks to what’s hot this year right? That’s always a challenge because there are always subtle shifts in the trends that make the most unexpected designs popular. This year we are pretty safe. Zombies are still the top dog of our catalog. The Zombie White and Manson lenses are available in both prescription and non prescription. The best selling Angelic White is available in just non prescription. Without a doubt these are the top lenses this year.

Another range of lenses to take a look at is the Angelics. They are available in prescription and come in a wide variety of colors. When I design a character makeup I can almost always use an Angelic lens. They really go with just about any design.

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