Illegal Halloween Contact Lenses

Illegal Halloween Contact Lenses

When Halloween rolls around we all get a little excited. Ok… a LOT excited! We start to look online for deals and pieces for our costumes for the perfect look for our costumes. We often look for the best deal. Let’s face it, price is king nowadays. But with contact lenses this can be the farthest from the truth.

In the USA the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) considers ALL contact lenses medical devices that require a prescription. And for good reason! Contact lenses that are not cared for properly or do not fit properly can permanently damage your eyes. And to add insult to injury there are so many sellers of contact lenses that care more about their profit than your safety.

Here is a list of what to look for when buying any contact lens on the internet.

  1. Is the site and company located in the USA? Not all. but most of the main sites that are overseas are sneaking poorly made contact lenses into the US. Most recently there has been a lot of sites popping up in the UK. If they don’t put their address in an easy to find place on their site… beware.
  2. If they do not ask you for your doctors information to verify ( LIKE WE DO! ) they are breaking the law!
  3. Do they claim they are FDA Approved? There is NO SUCH THING! The FDA does not approve contact lenses! Ever! They CLEAR them to be sold in the USA and issue what is called a 510(k). In fact it is illegal to claim the FDA has approved a product. And even more illegal to use the FDA logo! Want to read for yourself? Click Here to check it out on the FDA website!
  4. Stores that make you sign a waiver or tell you they are one size fits all! NO NO NO! There is no such thing as a one size fits all contact lens. just like there is no one size fits all shoe. We are all different! And a waiver is just a tactic some sellers use to appear legitimate. you can’t walk into a pharmacy and sign a waiver to buy your prescriptions right? Same applies with contact lenses.

There is some sites that do it the right way. And do it safely. LIKE US! Don’t be fooled into thinking your vision is less important than their profit.

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