White Walkers – Game Of Thrones

White Walkers – Game Of Thrones

Got White Walker Fever?

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know about the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. The television series is so popular that they have been not only a national but worldwide sensation. As a result, the magical, humanoid creature from the series, the White Walkers, has been gaining itself tons of loyal devotees. Apart from the distinctive mummified appearance, the most noticeable thing about them are their bright, brilliant blue eyes. A good pair of blue contact lenses, therefore, is a must-have item for any fan of the show who wishes to become this powerful, ancient being. We all have to agree that unlike common costume ideas like Zombie or Vampire, to become a real White Walker require a lot more work and effort. And it is true to say that even if you have devoted tons of your effort into creating the gaunt, sinewy appearance which resembles the ones in the show, you can never really become a true White Walker without having icy blue eyes.

Fortunately, you can do that with just a few clicks on our website and you are ready to show off. The first lenses you should check for your costume is Shiva contact lenses. These contact lenses would make your eyes look ghostly and of course icy. The contact lenses feature a series of radially arranged small white rays that make the eyes of the wearers appear to be more glowy and shimmering. If you want contact lenses that truly glow, the Blue Rave UV contact lenses are made for you. These lenses would glow when placed under dark or UV lighting, which helps you have the eerie blue eyes of the White Walkers in the show. If that still doesn’t sound appealing to you why not have a look at Angelic Blue and Cheshire Cat contact lenses. These lenses have unique patterns that help them stand out from the rest. While Angelic Blue contact lenses have a limbal ring that makes your eyes look more intense and dramatic, Cheshire Cat contact lenses feature vertical pupils which are great to make your character look more vicious. The bright blue color of the lenses would make you look close to the character. If you just want a plain simple bright blue contact lenses for your White Walker costume, our Blue Zombie contact lenses might be the ones you have been searching for. The lenses will sure to cover your true eye color and give your eyes a ghostly blue touch of color.

All the contact lenses that we mention above are yearly contact lenses which mean you don’t have to throw them away after wearing them once. In fact, they can all be used for other costume ideas. Now, it’s time to emerge yourself in your favorite fantasy world! Saying that Game of Thrones is just a massive hit doesn’t do it justice. The show has become a phenomenon worldwide that a lot of popular costume ideas are coming from it. One of the most iconic creatures of the show is the White Walker. The striking figure of pale flesh and sinewy appearance make them look totally unique and stand out from the rest. You have probably known it too well that the White Walkers are also well known for their ice-blue eyes that make them look mysterious and dangerous at the same time. Inspired by the character, we offer you a list of contact lenses that would work out perfectly for those who want to go a step beyond to recreate the White Walker look to terrify everyone. The first and also the most “icy” contact lenses in this list would be Shiva contact lenses. The lenses have small white rays that are great to represent the underlying power of White Walker’s eyes.

Shiva contact lenses are bright and have the perfect blue color. We also provide you contact lenses that truly glow under black light. Blue Rave UV contact lenses are for those who want to look totally out of this world and shock everyone with how close they look to the character. The ghostly effect you can get out of these lenses is truly impressive. Don’t want to go into blacklight in order to shine? We ‘ve got you covered. Blue Angelic and Cheshire Cat contact lenses are blue contact lenses that would do the trick for you. The unique patterns in each contact lens namely a jagged limbal ring and vertical pupil would be the game changer for you. They would make your eyes pop more while still looking close to the character that you have chosen. Last but not least, Blue Zombie contact lenses are the most simple contact lenses amongst all the ones listed. They have solid blue color that can be used for both White Walker or Zombie costumes. Not only are they versatile but they also make your eyes look cold and deadly.

Let’s shop now to get the perfect ice-blue eyes to become your favorite character!