Zombie Contact Lenses Are Still Hot!

Zombie Contact Lenses Are Still Hot!

It is easy to understand why a huge part of great horror and fantasy genre work nowadays has the appearance of zombies regarding the deadly and scary effect they can create. With Zombie contact lenses you can elicit other people‘s nightmares and terror. Our zombie contact lenses have a wide range of design and color, we make sure that you would not get bored of the zombie look no matter how many time you choose zombie as your costume idea. The lenses we offer can provide you different touch to your costume from gory to intense and spooky.

Why not add a pair of zombie contact lenses to your shopping cart to get the last missing piece in order to complete your costume? Zombie contact lenses in corrective strengths are also available in our store.

If you desire a classic look of zombie, don’t forget to check out Black Out, White Out, Walking Dead and Manson, Blue Zombie contact lenses which aim at bringing out a soulless and insane stare for the wearers with a solid color. Do not want to have a normal black or white zombie contact lenses? How about taking a look at our Angelic contact lenses which have different color options for you including white, yellow, green, red and blue. Angelic contact lenses are perfect for giving more definition to your eyes thanks to the jagged limbal ring. They will make your eyes look intense and pop so much. If you are still not satisfied with all that, we also provide contact lenses feature different patterns like namely Fire, Berzerker and Reaper contact lenses. These lenses would jump out at you when you wear them due to the gory effect of vibrant red color that resembles blood being splattered.

We recommend bright color contact lenses for those seeking for a striking effect or just simple plain contact lenses if your goal is to look real and spooky. For zombie costume, you are lucky as they are very easy to make as we all know zombies just drag their feet around in whatever clothes they were wearing right before being infected. Therefore, you only need old clothes to make some adjustment by adding some cuts, holes, gore, dirt, and mold. Now you are ready to rock any party with your crazy look. Get ready to see people running away from you.

Remember. Safety First

Monster carries authentic Gothika Lenses which are widely considered to be the industry standard “Cadillac of lenses”. We only carry lenses that have a proven track record for comfort and safety and have all of their legal status with the FDA.

Monster Lenses also is a global partner with VerifyMyLenses.com to make sure we are in compliance with all federal guidelines pertaining to contact lens sales.

  • White Out Zombie Contact Lenses – Gothika

    4.85 out of 5

    White Out lenses by Gothika are sold by the pair and are good for one year. Available in correction from 0.00 through -6.00


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